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KJ Activator Windows 8 7 XP Vista Office Permanent




hi c-r-e: If you need help with the program, you can file a support issue at does anyone know a scanner that works out of the box with ubuntu? Pici: the user forums have a similar issue, can you support me with it? c-r-e: You'd have to ask the moderators on the launchpad mailing lists, I don't use the forums i have an issue with my nvidia proprietary drivers, i was trying to remove them when i got this error: "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. then i ran it and this error occured: i have removed nvidia* and reinstalled them, the problem hasnt solved c-r-e: I haven't even seen your pastebin. Pici: this is it: the error i get when i run the nvidia-settings program c-r-e: Please wait for #ubuntu to join, this channel is not for support issues, the #ubuntu-devel channel is the best place for that. Pici: sorry, i thought this is a support channel Pici: i didnt expect this channel to be used to the people i talk to in the freenode chat c-r-e: No, #ubuntu is the support channel. #ubuntu-devel is for develolpment issues. You should have been asking in #ubuntu-devel, not here. Hey all, is there a way I can have my system automatically run a script at boot? takamarou: Like have it start on login? or autostart? takamarou, You can make a startup script



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KJ Activator Windows 8 7 XP Vista Office Permanent

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